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Application Installer

Each of our hosting plans is equipped with a cost-free, Hepsia hosting Control Panel-integrated, single-click Application Installer tool, which you can use to activate various popular PHP applications. It is extremely easy to use - you can set up your personal journal, message board, CMS-powered website, online image gallery or online shop with just a click and you don't need to have any web design abilities.

The free single-click scripts installer can save you not only time, but money as well. Engaging a specialist to install a popular PHP application on your behalf will cost you cash. With us, you can install as many scripts as you would like without making any investments.



The world's most famous weblog software comes pre-activated and pre-configured with each hosting plan.



A powerful tool for building web shops, with more than 275 useful built-in features.



Turn-key shopping cart. With heaps of templates at your disposal, you can swiftly start your online store.



A feature-rich open-source web content management app with an emphasis on aesthetics and usability.



A popular CMS with lots of add-ons, and a very enthusiastic community.



A free-of-cost e-teaching solution, ideal for tutors. It enables everyone to create an e-learning web site.



An advanced customer relationship management solution, which can help you increase your sales and expand your business.



The most famous web app for creating real estate sites, supported by a large and devoted community of users.